Kingdom of Birds

Kingdom of Birds are three school aged kids who can out-rock any band twice their age. Coming from Toronto, they’ve played shows in clubs, pubs and festivals around Toronto and beyond. They were the summer band in residence at El Gordos in Toronto’s Kensington Market, where the “Awkward” video was filmed.

Ása(14yrs), who sings and plays guitar is the principal songwriter. She has toured as a member of The Hidden Cameras, even sharing the stage with Feist and Ron Sexsmith at Massey Hall.

Sam(10yrs) is, to put it mildly, a drum prodigy and future MLB all-star. What else needs to be said?

Zeul(14yrs), “The Quiet Bird”, holds it all down on bass with his cool Entwistlean demeanour.

Kingdom of Birds derive their name from a chapter title in the book, “Wildwood” by author/Decemberist, Colin Meloy.

​Oh Yeah… and another reason you need to love this band is because Chris Murphy of Sloan says he is a fan.