What Seas, What Shores (Album Release) w/ Beams, Charles Glasspool & Keira McArthur

Mudtown Records are proud to announce the launch of Windsor progressive post-rock quartet What Seas, What Shores’ sophomore album “Spiritual Nap Machine” in Owen Sound’s beautiful new Heartwood Concert Hall, along with Toronto ‘art-country’ openers Beams, and visuals in collaboration with OSC Media House.

What Seas, What Shores draw on a diverse range of musical backgrounds, including folk-rock, jazz, hardcore, and pop music. They fuse these genres into an emotive cinematic soundscape, that win them fans with just as diverse backgrounds. “…an intriguing instrumental blend of math rock, post-punk and ambient sounds.” – Exclaim!

Beams‘ take on music is aptly described by the term ‘art-country.’ This septet takes the traditions of country music & bluegrass on a creative remixing, that reinterprets the traditions for the next generation. “…full of unexpected nods and surprise turns – bluegrassy one minute (okay, many minutes), nodding to ‘60s Britrock the next.” – NOW

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