The Stowaway Debutante Book Launch

Tales of the Captain Duke: The Stowaway Debutante is the first book in a new steampunk adventures series by Rebecca Diem.

Come enjoy a reading and meet ‘n greet with author Rebecca Diem (aka local writer and music lover Becky Dier-McComb) to help launch this fantastical tale of airships, pirates and secret identities.

Signed copies of the limited first edition print run will be available for $10, as well as other goodies. The Stowaway Debutante is also available on Amazon and Kobo.

When Clara dreamed of running away to seek her own adventures, she never imagined that a chance encounter with the legendary Captain Duke might set her life on an entirely different course.

Armed with her wit and charm, Clara can usually talk her way out of any troubles. But first, she has to get back to solid ground…