Mudtown Records is based in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada; population 21,000. We are dedicated to the promotion and production of music and art connected to our hometown by love and geography. It was founded in 2010 by friends and fellow musicians Josh Richardson and Charles Glasspool, after promoting several events in the then home of Mudtown Pottery – a historic and former mission building in the Mudtown district of Owen Sound.

“Owen Sound had an industrial boom in the late 1800s. It was a wide open, hard-drinking port town with plenty of jobs. A neighbourhood of makeshift housing was thrown up on the east shore of Owen Sound Bay close to the factories, docks, and CPR rail line. Each spring, thick mud poured down from the cliffs onto its unpaved roads and lanes. This area became known as Mudtown, home to generations of Métis fishermen, African-Canadians and families of labourers who found work nearby. Its factories and inferior housing are gone, but ghosts of that earlier Mudtown remain.”

– From Beyond Mudtown by Rob Rolfe, published by Quattro books.